Wellness treatments


Babor 'Facials'

Babor 'Classic Facial' | €65,-  50min. 
cleansing, vitality check, peeling, one ampoule, massage, mask & day cream

Babor 'Premium Facial' | €85,-  75min.
cleansing, vitality check, peeling, three ampoules, massage, mask, face line mask & day cream

HSR 'Lifting Facial' | €100,-  50min. 
cleansing, vitality check, peeling, lifting serum, one ampoule, massage, facce line mask, eye care & day cream

only bookable in combination with a facial

Hydraboost €25,-
five ampoules applied with cold/warm techniques

Intensive eye care €10,-
eye massage, eye mask & eye cream

Collageen fleece mask €20,- 

Eyebrow plucking €15,- 

Eyebrow tinting €12.50,- 

Eyelash tinting €12.50,- 

Babor 'Relax Treatments'

Exfoliation & wrap €45,-  45min. 

Back massage €40,-  30min. 

Full body massage €70,-  50min. 

Full body Hotstone massage €70,-  50min. 

Hamam scrub soap massage €65,-  45min. 

Scalp-ear massage, with ear candles €45,-  

Manicures & foot care

Manicure €45
manicure bath, polishing, cuticle care, scrub, mask, massage & hand care

Cosmetic foot care €45,- 
foot bath, cutting & polishing, cuticle care, polishing calluses, peeling, mask, massage & foot care

Gelcolor by 'Pink Gellac' €27.50
your favorite Pink Gellac color will remain perfectly shiny for two weeks, depending on the condition of the natural nail

Gelcolor removal €10,-