The neighbourhood

Old town Rijswijk

Shopping centre Oud Rijswijk is a unique shopping area. It combines the rustic and relaxed atmosphere of the past with the practical demands of our time. Anyone who wants to do their shopping quickly and efficiently will find all the shops within easy reach here. If you want to shop quietly and pleasantly or if you fancy culinary delights, Oud Rijswijk is the place to be.

The Hague - Scheveningen

The Residence. A vibrant city, the Royal Palace, the headquarters of our government and a superb range of shops. In no time at all, you will be in the beautiful seaside town Scheveningen.


Delft is known for its Delft blue pottery. The city is famous as the birthplace of the
famous painter Johannes Vermeer, who made the Girl with a Pearl Earring. Overall,
Delft is famous as a cozy city full of canals with historical monuments and medieval


A bit further but still nearby: Rotterdam. Large, vibrant port city where there is always something to do. Explore the city along the river Maas with one of the fast water taxis!