Savarin delivers at home!

Our temporary solution to let you enjoy Savarin at home during Covid-19. Thank you for your support during these bizarre times. We hope we may welcome you back at ‘your Savarin’ after these times. For now we do everything we can to show you our gastronomic qualities at your home as well. We haven’t forgotten you, and we hope you won’t forget us! As we would say in our restaurant: “Bon appétit”.

Selected menu

€35.00 per person including delivery, tablewear and the *dishes!

*Savarin goes a step further, we also supply our crockery and come and collect this dirt. Yes, it is really true, we also do your dishes.

Weekly changing menu consisting of:

Pickled cod in a jacket of parsley with pickled cucumber, beech mushrooms and a cream of buttermilk 
Salad of smoked duck breast with pickled carrot, pearl couscous and a vinaigrette of orange
Fried Merluccius with legume risotto and a creamy sauce of olives and dried tomato
Braised paleron with legume risotto and a gravy of truffle
Tartelette au citron meringuée and Dutch strawberries marinated with basil


For all extensions of the menu, extras and drinks, please refer to the extras menu below.


*Note: We deliver within a radius of 15km.

Drinks at home!

Drinks at your house!
We daydream of a sunny afternoon, with a nice cold glass of rosé, on the terrace with friends or family.
Sounds good to us, to you too? 

Unfortunately we are not yet allowed to invite you as a guest on our terrace, but we wouldn't be Savarin if we wanted to bring the care of your happiness under your roof at this time. 
So from now on Savarin has in the weekend:
The rosé plateau!

Video calling with friends or family, while enjoying a drinks platter.
A bottle of rosé of your choice* and a drinks platter at € 42.50. 
*Choice of the following wines: 

  1. La promenade rosé, France - côtes de provence (cinsault, grenache, syrah) 
  2. Whispering sting, france - côtes de provence (Cinsault, grenache, vermentino) 
  3. Puech-haut, france-languedoc (cinsault, grenache) 
  4. By OTT, france - côtes de provence (cinsault, grenache, syrah)

And a drinks platter for 2 people consisting of:

  • Charcuterie: jambon cru, salami séché 
  • Olives bella di cerignola  
  • Roasted nut mix 
  • Cornichons, moutarde à l'Ancienne
  • Amsterdam trips 
  • Old Dutch cheese
  • Brebis Napoleon (French cheese)
  • Bread

Order your drinks platter on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We only deliver the drinks platter in combination with an order of Savarin at your home, 3 course menu. Pick up is of course possible without ordering a menu. 
You can order via the tool on the right side of your screen. 

Order & delivery

Expected deliverytime

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17.00 hours18.00 hours
18.00 hours 19.00 hours 
19.00 hours 20.00 hours 

Orders can be placed until 8 pm

Would you like to order? Use the tool on the right of this page

For questions, please contact us at:

Tel.     070 30 72 050 

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