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Carefree enjoyment in an informal setting. Discover French classics such as an onion soup, steak with a magnificent béarnaise sauce, fine wines and top service. All this is the focus of our living room: L'Entrée. We welcome you seven days a week for a cup of coffee, lunch, drinks and of course dinner! 

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Reservation possibilities and opening hours

You always need to book in advance, this can be done online, by e-mail or by contacting 070-3072050. Indoor seating is maximized in accordance to government measures. So make your reservation in time! FULL = FULL

Of course we work according to the guidelines of the RIVM, so when you enter we also ask you to fill in & sign a triage form.

We welcome you seven days a week for a cup of coffee, lunch, drinks or dinner! 

Monday10:00 – 01:00  
Tuesday 10:00 – 01:00  
Wednesday  10:00 – 01:00  
Thursday 10:00 – 01:00  
Friday10:00 – 01:00  
Saturday    10:00 – 01:00  
Sunday10:00 – 01:00  

We kindly ask you to take into consideration the protocol and the strict starting hours. We want to prevent the forming of groups and therefore make use of different opening hours. These can be found in the reservation system or feel free to call 070-3072050 for more information. 


'Hotel, Restaurant and Spa Savarin' has come up with something new for you. Because gin is becoming more and more popular among the population, Savarin has decided to bring its own gin on the market. The 'SavaGin' is not just any gin, no the 'Savagin' is specially designed for the real gin lover. What makes the gin special are the ingredients, a combination of orange, cinnamon, cardamon and cloves. In addition, the gin is offered in an attractive jacket and is available in different 'sizes'. The gin is exclusively available at 'Hotel, Restaurant and Spa Savarin'.
The gin is available at the restaurant, where the gin is offered for you together with 'San Pellegrino Aque Tonic' for a unique taste experience. The gin is also available in a bottle to take home with you.

Price per glass

A glass of 'SavaGin' & Tonic €12,50

Price per bottle (for taking home)

500ML € 45
250ML € 25
100ML € 15